• As a practice we are concerned for the environment and we are aware that we have a responsibility to help the global climate crisis. To fulfill our duty we have implemented a number of environmentally friendly practices and methods and are constantly looking for new ways we can improve.

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  • Daily, we encourage our patients to leave us with their email or phone number so we can communicate electronically through email and text. Not only is this faster, but it has reduced our paper usage, and the energy needed for delivering letters. Our paper costs have dropped by 74% and we are aiming to be a paper free surgery in the near future. Additionally, we use paper bags in the surgery when selling invisalign and dental whitening kits.
  • Secondly, we have implemented new treatment preparation practices to reduce our environmental impact. For example, we now use glass slabs for mixing the cements (which are renewable), we use metal clinical and impression trays, reusable wraps, pouches, cloth gowns and cloth patient bibs to reduce plastic waste, and have switched from plastic cups to reusable cups. When treating patients, we mostly take digital scans instead of physical impressions, reducing the materials required. These changes to our methods, materials and equipment have helped reduce waste pollution by nearly 39%. With this initiative we have reduced landfill waste by 34%.
  • Furthermore, we have worked with our eco-friendly vendors to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Alongside making deals with our suppliers to send us email bills rather than paper, we buy our stock in bulk to reduce the greenhouse emissions released by transporting lorries.
  • We regularly educate our staff and patients on the importance of the environment and how we can protect the Earth. Some of our staff members are gardening fans; we have created a small garden in the backyard which serves a dual purpose of attracting wildlife and pollinators, and acting as a team building activity. We also encourage our staff to car share and suggest to our patients that they move to plastic free alternatives such as bamboo toothbrushes.

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  • Lastly, we have made some physical changes to the surgery to improve our energy efficiency and help mother earth. We have installed cavity wall insulation, sensor lights, a smart thermostat Hot air dryer and have added Triple glazing to all our windows. These changes have helped us reduce our electricity and gas usage (and bill) by nearly 52%.
  • Future plans include our aim to be a mercury-free practice by 2024, and the exploration of solar panel installation.